How to Sell : 3 Insights from Neuroscience

Dilbert on Sales.Selling is an art they say… you have to be born a salesman. But neuroscience is now throwing light on how selling actually works so we can all perhaps learn to be better salespeople.

Over the last year working with Kadence International, I’ve had the opportunity to measure response to different sales pitches using a neurometric method called Visceral (Disclosure : I helped develop the technology) that passively measures the reaction of the sales prospect during a simulated sales call. Here’s what we are learning:

1/ Keep it Short

The single most consistent finding is that everyone’s engagement declines during the course of a sales call. And by the end of a 15-minute pitch, engagement levels could be up to 20% lower than at start. So if you haven’t got their attention up front its all downhill from there.

2/ Ask, Don’t Tell

So when do you think people are more engaged – when they are talking or when you are talking ? Its remarkable how much engagement increases when the salesperson is having a conversation and how much it falls when it turns into a monologue. So equip your sales people with questions they can ask, at every step.

3/ Don’t Rely on Body Language

Research suggests that 80% of communication is from body language – what neuroscience is now revealing is that body language could be misleading. We’re learning that body language is reflective of personality type – so an extrovert is likely to appear interested in your product and an introvert could appear disinterested whereas their emotional engagement could be exactly the opposite. And many typical sales prospects (doctors, IT managers) are likely to be cerebral / introverted personalities so it makes it difficult to read who you’re winning with. The better approach is to set-up tangible follow-on actions that you can measure all your prospects against.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach me at : sraj(at)kadence(dot)com.

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Siva Raj

Hacking my Fitness, MET by MET. Digital innovator in diabetes, fitness, optics & neuroscience. Founder & CEO, Revvo (, "The World's Smartest Indoor Cycle"

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